We are Aalto Gamers

Gaming is about the people around you.
The games are only the channel to find those people.


Aalto Gamers

A gaming community based in Aalto University

Aalto Gamers was founded in 2016 and has grown to become the biggest student e-sports and gaming organisation in Finland. We organise high quality tournaments as well as more casual gaming nights (and much more).

Ultimately, our mission is to build a gaming community, where students can connect through gaming. We want to reach every player regardless whether they have just started gaming or have played for their whole life.



We organise a variety of events every year

Join us!

Join us!

Become a part of the AG community

You can follow news about our latest events on our Telegram and play with us on our Discord. You can also become an official member here (it's free).

You can also become and AG Active, and help us organise future events. We have monthly internal events for our actives (sports, apartment crawls, sitz, cottage weekends, etc.) and it's a great place to get to know like minded people. You can sign up to be an active here.



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