Who are we?

Aalto Gamers is a gaming community based in Aalto University.

We organise high quality tournaments as well as more casual and regular gaming nights. The games we play in our events can rage from very easy party games such as Jackbox to big esports games like League of Legends and CS:GO. There is something for everyone.

Ultimately, our mission is to build a gaming community, where students can connect through gaming. We want to reach every player regardless whether you play regularly or just once a year, or whether you just started or have played for 10 years. Gaming is about the people you play with.


Aalto Gamers Spring 2022

Check out our plans for this spring.

Warm welcome to all new students! Aalto Gamers has a lot planned for this coming spring. The action starts with the Hype winter event, followed by CS:GO LAN party and TFT Tournament. And of course, the League of Legends Finnish student championships.


Biweekly Tournaments

Every other Friday starting at 18

Going to League of Legends queue again? Have you wanted to know more gamers and play small competitive games? Come to Biweeklies! We organize relaxed gaming nights every other Friday starting at 18:00. Join alone or with your friends, the key is to have fun and make friends!

The biweeklies are currently held online in our Discord!


Minecraft Server Opening

Sunday 9.1. at 18:00

Announcing the Aalto Gamers official Minecraft server! We are excited to see all of your crazy Minecraft skins in the server, whether you're an old school diamond fan or a netherite enjoyer, a hardcore survivalist or a creative genius. The world is brand new and we're hoping to have you all build your dirt houses around the spawn and make it look amazing!


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