AG Biweeklies

AG Biweeklies


At 18:30-23 every other Friday


Aalto Gamers Discord and Tribe Gamebase



Aalto Gamers Biweeklies are fun events happening every other Friday, where ANYONE can join to play some light games with friends. All gamers are warmly welcome to our Biweeklies and to suggest games to play together. Biweeklies are held online in the Aalto Gamers Discord server and often also live at the Tribe Gamebase in Otahalli.

Biweeklies also include a tournament game that's played at the start of each session. The players at the top of the tournament leaderboard at the end of season will win some awesome rewards!

The tournament game can be anything from to Minecraft Hunger Games. After that, everybody can play whatever they want. Popular games include: League of Legends, Overwatch 2, Valorant, CS:GO, Fall Guys, Among Us, Geoguessr and Minecraft.

So don't be shy to join, even if your main game was not listed above. You can even bring your friends, or find new ones at AG Biweeklies!