AG Minecraft Server

AG Minecraft Server


Opening on 28.3. at 18


IP: You can discuss the server on the AG Discord


To play Minecraft with other students


Fill this form to get on the whitelist

šŸŒ Are you an urban architect with mindblowing build ideas, a PhD in Redstone Engineering or you just like vibing in the wilderness? All of these (and way more!) are possible on the fresh Aalto Gamers Minecraft Server! šŸŒ

We're inviting you to join us on our whitelist-only survival server with minimal modifications, aiming for a true cozy Minecraft experience šŸŒā›ļø

The server will be running on the latest Java release (1.20.4) and it will launch on 28.3. at 18ā³

Whitelist sign-ups are available now šŸ‘ˆ

Register now to secure your spot! šŸ”„


  1. No griefing / stealing
  2. No hacking
  3. No exploits (you can ask a moderator, if you're unsure whether something is allowed or not)
  4. No non-consensual PVP (don't kill random people and take their stuff, but you can fight with friends if you both want)
  5. No excessively inappropriate language
  6. No builds that excessively lag the server

Breaking these rules may result in a ban

Proximity voice chat (optional, but recommended)

For a more social experience, we use the Simple Voice Chat mod.

Install instructions (takes about 5 min)

  1. Download the Fabric Mod loader
  2. Run the "fabric-installer-1.0.0.exe"
  3. Select Client, MC version 1.20.4, Loader version 0.15.7, launcher location as is (...\Roaming\.minecraft), check "create profile" and click "Install"
  4. Download the Simple Voice chat mod (v. 1.20.4.)
  5. Move the "voicechat-fabric-1.20.4-2.4.32.jar" to the Fabric mods folder How to find the mods folder
    Option 1 - From launcher:
    Minecraft launcher -> select "Installations" -> Folder icon next to "Play" on the right, -> select "mods" folder) Option 2 - Using file manager:
    Windows: %AppData%/.minecraft/mods
    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/mods
    Linux: ~/.minecraft/mods
  6. Select "fabric-loader-1.20.4" in the Minecraft launcher and click "Play"

Using the mod

In game you can press "v" to edit your voice chat settings. You can use the proximity voice chat, and have groups so you can talk with our friends even if they are far away. We recommend making an "Open" group with your friends, so you can talk with our friends and as well as other people.

All AG events follow the AG Safer Space Policy.