Aalto Gamers Minecraft server

Opens on Sunday 9.1. at 18:00, after which the server is open 24/7

Server IP address: minecraft.aaltogamers.fi

AG members - if you are not a member, you can apply here

If you are an AG member, you can fill this form to get whitelisted


The world is patch 1.18.1 and the gamemode is survival. There are no mods or commands. The only thing built at the moment is a central park as the spawn area - everything else is breakable and ready for you to build on. We would rather not start grief protecting everything everyone builds, so instead we are relying on you guys not griefing or stealing from others. There are tools to find out who has done and what, and griefers will be removed from the whitelist.

PVP is disabled in half of the world. The wilderness starts 500 blocks north from the spawn. In the wilderness, PVP is allowed, as well as griefing and stealing. Go at your own risk.


  • General AG rules: no discrimination, sexism, bullying etc. - be nice
  • No griefing or stealing except in the wilderness
  • Respect other players' buildings and don't build too close to them (you can always discuss this with your neighbors)
  • Admin contacts: VIX50 (@Musijenko on Telegram) and HeyImLate (@Latej)