Past events

You can find all of our past events here, feel free to explore

Aalto Gamers Easter TFT Tournament

It's once again time to see who has the best tactics in teamfights! The Aalto Gamers Easter TFT Tournament will be held on 16.4. starting at 12:00 on our Discord server! Keeping with the Easter theme, there will be lots of eggs as prizes for the best tacticians!

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CS:GO LAN at Arkade Bar

Are you itching for some CS:GO with good company? Well worry no more, we're organising a CS:GO lan party at Arkade gaming bar in central Helsinki! Join us for some quality CS in-houses and mini-tournaments with a great group and atmosphere! Mark your calendars for 7.4 from 17:00 to 22:00. The event is free of charge for all participants, as AG will provide the pc's for the whole five hours!

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Aalto Gamers Winter Olympics 2022

Aalto Gamers is here to save your future day with the most anticipated event of the month! Introducing, Aalto Gamers Winter Olympics! You can expect some fun minigames, light competition and amazing prizes on the 19th of February! The sign-ups are open right now! The link can be found under the 'Learn more' section.

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Aalto Gamers Minecraft Server Opening

Announcing the Aalto Gamers official Minecraft server! We are excited to see all of your crazy Minecraft skins in the server, whether you're an old school diamond fan or a netherite enjoyer, a hardcore survivalist or a creative genius. The world is brand new and we're hoping to have you all build your dirt houses around the spawn and make it look amazing! The server opens this Sunday at 18:00 so we can all start at the same time - see you there! 🔥

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Aalto Gamers Rocket League Tournament 2021

Rocket League is back! It’s time to warm up your engines and pimp out your vehicles! On Saturday 13.11., we will have one day online tournament (duos) from 12:00 to ~15:00

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Aalto Gamers Fall 2021 CS:GO Tournament

It's been a while since our last CS:GO tournament, but now we are back! It is time to prepare your machinery and join the fray. Show us and your friends that you were made for action on the battlefield. Rise, dominate and win the Grand prize of 500€!

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Riot Games Week League of Legends Tournament 9.10.

Welcome to the last tournament of Riot Games week - League of Legends! This is your last (or first) chance to show what you got! This time we have both a high and low bracket, so all players have an opportunity to play competitively and find their match. Maybe you’re the carry, the tank, the support, the jungle - whatever your playstyle, it’s your time to shine. So, all aboard the hype train once more for the Riot Games Tournament Week’s final tournament!

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Riot Games Week Valorant Tournament 6.10.

Now it’s time to test your aim with the Riot Games Week Valorant tournament! Play with Jett, Raze, Sage, Viper or any other agent and show AG who are the new Valorant champions!

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Riot Games Week TFT Tournament 4.10.

Welcome to the first Riot Games week tournament - Teamfight Tactics! Let’s pick your brains and let’s see who will make the best strategy and combination. It’s time to take your Little Legend on an adventure!

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League of Legends Finnish Student Championships 2021

Welcome to the League of Legends Finnish Student Championships organized by Aalto Gamers! This tournament determines who has the skills, the stamina and the teamwork to get to the top. This is your moment, now is your time, so prove yourself and RISE!

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Aalto Gamers x Accenture Game Night

Do you still feel like games are irrelevant or they do not belong to offices? Well, you’re wrong! We have Aalto Gamers x Accenture Game Night to show you how you can connect through various games with the scary office people!

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Aalto Gamers TFT Tournament

Are you a TFT player hungry for competition? Are you ready to unleash your secret OP strategies? Take your little legends for an adventure and join the upcoming Aalto Gamers TFT Tournament!

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Aalto Gamers CS:GO Revival Tournament

Aalto Gamers brings CS:GO back with a blast! Join our first tournament of the year and show us your best shot! This tournament features 500€+ prizes as well as partnering with ENCE, Elisa and others. This is your chance to shine.

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