League of Legends Finnish Student Championships 2021

Welcome to the League of Legends Finnish Student Championships organized by Aalto Gamers! This tournament determines who has the skills, the stamina and the teamwork to get to the top. This is your moment, now is your time, so prove yourself and RISE!



The Qualifiers day 15.5, starting at 12:00
The Finals day on 22.5, starting at 12:00


Tournament participants communication: Discord
Tournament watch party: Twitch


All team members must be higher education students (university / university of applied sciences) in Finland
No need to be from the same school
International students are also welcome!


Sign-up is open until the 9th of May (9.5.) 23:59!
Full teams only!


  • 1st place: 1400€
  • 2nd place: 800€
  • 3rd-4th: 100€
  • MVP: Secretlab League of Legends gaming chair (value: 400€)


  • SERVER: EU West
  • Double elimination (top 4 teams qualify for finals)
  • Once you're guaranteed top 4 you are qualified for the finals already, we don't finish the double-elimination format like normally
  • Semi-finals single elimination bo3, finals bo5
  • The teams qualifying from upper bracket are seeded against the teams qualifying from lower bracket
  • No bronze match will be played
  • PICK & BAN:
  • You have to use prodraft to simulate the draft. The blue side team is responsible for making the draft and giving the red team code to the other team
  • Make yourself familiar with how prodraft works before the tournament. This is one instructional video about it, or you can go to the site and test it by yourself
  • Once you have completed the draft in prodraft and both teams are ready, you can start the official champion select
  • Make sure to pick the same team composition that you picked in prodraft
  • Take screenshots from the prodraft and the champion select in case the enemy team doesn't pick the same champions
  • In case of any accidents in prodraft or champion select, be in contact with the enemy team and the admins immediately


  • Higher education (university or university of applied sciences) students in Finnish schools
  • You can also join if you...
  • graduated no later than 1 year ago
  • are on a break but have a student status at a school
  • No need to be from the same school
  • International students studying in Finnish schools of higher education are also welcome
  • Exact rules can be found here (in Finnish only)
  • If you have any questions about this, contact us on facebook, discord, telegram or email


We have a few challenges for all players with our tournament partner Visma.
These challenges are active for first two games.


The tournament will be played during two days. The Online Qualifiers are held on Saturday 15.5. starting at 12:00, ending at around 19:00 The Finals are held on Saturday 22.5. starting at 12:00, ending at around 20:00

Estimated schedule

  • 12-13 upper round 1
  • 13-14 upper round 2 and lower round 1
  • 14-15 upper quarter-finals and lower round 2
  • 15-16 upper semi-finals and lower round 3
  • The winners (2) of the upper semi-finals qualify
  • 16-17 lower round 4
  • 17-18 lower round 5
  • 18-19 lower quarter-finals
  • The winners (2) of the lower quarter-finals qualify
  • 12:00 semi-finals
  • 30 minute break


Finnish Student Sports Federation rules are applied for team line-ups and general tournament regulations. Exception to the rules used in this competition is that the team members do not need to be from the same school. The rules can be found here (in Finnish only)

The actual games will be played under the rules of the Finnish Esports Federation (Suomen elektronisen urheilun liitto – SEUL) for League of Legends with the exceptions listed below. The rules can be found here. Rules in english also below, after exceptions (the english rules are our own translation and already include the exceptions).

  • 1.2: Only two substitutes
  • 2.4.1: All teams must use prodraft
  • 2.7: The team higher up in the bracket starts on blue side
  • For the finals day, the team higher up in the bracket (1st game) or the team who lost the last game gets to choose which side they start on (like in SEUL rules)


    1. General rules
  • 1.1: Game: League of Legends, latest version.
  • 1.2: Team size: 5 regular players, and two substitutes.
  • 1.3: A team may exchange a maximum of two regular players during a tournament.
  • 1.4: One player can only be on one team during a tournament.
  • 1.5: VoIP software is allowed. The tournament organizer may provide Mumble and Teamspeak servers.
  • 1.6: Any software that modifies game files or creates an unfair advantage in the game is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate removal from the tournament.
  • 1.7: Players must use their own accessories (keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, headset and in-ear headphones)
  • 1.8: Players must have a playable League of Legends game in their personal account for tournament games, unless otherwise stated.
  • 1.9: Game names and images
  • 1.9.1: Players must use their official game name throughout the tournament.
  • 1.9.2: Sponsors not affiliated with alcohol, tobacco products, gambling or adult entertainment at the end of the game name are allowed.
  • 1.9.3: Players should use a broadcast name and profile picture, preferably a team logo or their own picture.
  • 1.10: The team coach is entitled to watch the match behind the players, but he is not allowed to communicate with the players in any way except at half time.
  • 1.11: During the game, team players may only communicate with persons involved in the game: team players and tournament staff such as referees.
  • 1.12: Scheduled matters
  • 1.12.2: If a team is not in place and ready when the game is due to start, the team will surrender the match automatically (Bo1) or surrender the first game (Bo3) unless the tournament referee decides otherwise. During the semi-finals and finals, the team may be given 15 minutes to be ready, after which the team will hand over the entire match.
  • 1.12.3: If a team is missing players when a match is due to start, they must start the match without the full team or surrender. It is the team’s responsibility to ensure that all players on the team are ready by the deadline.
  • 1.12.4: Tournament officials reserve the right to change these attributes if circumstances so require.
  • 1.13: In extreme circumstances, the tournament organizer reserves the right to change the rules.
    2. Game rules
  • 2.1: Game Type: 5vs5, Custom Game, Tournament Draft
  • 2.2: Server: Europe West
  • 2.3: Map: Summoner’s Rift
  • 2.4: Character Selection: All characters available for the players are allowed. Organizers can disable unbalanced characters if needed.
  • 2.4.1: All teams must use prodraft
  • 2.5: Items: All items are allowed. The organizers may, if necessary, prohibit the use of unbalanced items.
  • 2.6: Pick and Ban: Both teams have five (5) bans, for a total of 10 bans.
  • 2.6.1: Both teams will have one (1) Spectator seat in the lobby during the draft.
  • 2.7 The side selection: The team higher up in the bracket starts on the blue side
  • 2.8: Surrender: Surrendering the game is allowed.
    3. Other rules
  • 3.1: Third-party programs that affect the state of the game or perform functions within the game are prohibited.
  • 3.2: Intentionally disconnecting during the game is prohibited.
  • 3.3: The use of bugs is prohibited
    4. Breaks
  • 4.1: Pausing the game in the middle of the game is allowed.
  • 4.1.1: The game may only be paused if a player encounters technical problems. The game can be paused if an unforeseen event occurs outside the game, such as an illness.
  • 4.2: The team that pauses the game must immediately say the reason for the break through the in-game chat.
  • 4.3: The game can be resumed from the break with the consent of both teams.
  • 4.4: In a match, the game may be paused for a maximum of 10 minutes per team.
  • 4.5: If a technical failure caused by a server or network affects at least three players for at least 10 minutes, the game can be started from the beginning under the following conditions:
  • 4.5.1: If the game is restarted before the “creeps” appear, a “All Pick” game will be created in the lobby, with the same player characters selected as before the game restarted.
  • 4.5.2: After the appearance of the “Creeps”, the game can be restarted if both teams agree.
    5. Protests and penalties
  • 5.1: All protests must be made within 10 minutes of the end of the match. Breaks are not used during the game to make protests. Cases will be heard by the referees after the match.
  • 5.2: Once a match has been protested, the teams concerned will not be able to continue in the tournament until the protest has been resolved.
  • 5.3: Penalties
  • 5.3.1: Warning, loss of a match, disqualification of a player or team from the tournament, imposition of a ban on a player or team.
  • 5.3.2: Judges may use the penalties provided for as they wish.
    6. Fair play
  • 6.1: The tournament uses fair play rules. Insults, racism and ridicule of religion are prohibited and will result in punishment. Deliberate provocation by an opponent is prohibited under threat of warning.
  • 6.2: Participants must address the judges politely and respectfully.
  • 6.3: If a participant intentionally attempts to sabotage games, other players or tournament organizers, the player will be disqualified.
    7. Broadcasting
  • 7.1: If an event has an official broadcast, teams and players must wait for the production of the broadcast to be ready before starting the game.
  • 7.2: The Tournament Organizer may decide who is eligible to broadcast the event.
  • 7.3: In online tournaments, there must be a delay of at least 2 minutes.
  • 7.4: Players are not allowed to broadcast their own game in offline tournaments.