Aalto Gamers Riot Games Week Valorant Tournament

Wednesday 6.10 from 18 to 23

Online in Aalto Gamers Discord

AG members and friends (don’t need to be a student to join)

Sign up as a flex or as a full team

We will send participants info on Monday 4.10.


The format depends on the amount of teams/people joining and will be announced later. In case of less than 4 teams, we will have a more casual event where we play 5v5 customs for fun.


We aim to match similar ranked flex players together. Sign up early, and we can guarantee you a team. We will contact flex players on Sep 24, Sep 29 and Oct 3 with teams if there are any ready. This way, you get to play and practice with each other beforehand if you wish to.

Alternatively, if you want to build your own team, you can scout players on AG Discord #buildyourteam channel.


If there are enough teams, we will provide winning team 10e per member


The tournament will not be streamed