Aalto Gamers CS:GO Revival Tournament

It’s time for the first major tournament of 2021! There hasn’t been a CS:GO tournament in a while, but now we raise from the ashes – revive – and return bigger and better than ever before: Aalto Gamers presents CS:GO Revival Tournament! Tournament is for ALL students of higher education & friends, and for all levels. Double-check the equipment, adjust the aim, and join us to show what you’re capable of. Gather your old team or discover a new one and start prepping… It’s time to rise and dominate the battleground!


Friday (preliminary) and Saturday (Finals, top 4 teams) 19.-20.3.


Tournament platform: Challengermode
Tournament participants communication: Discord
Tournament watch party: Twitch


All students of higher education (not only Aalto students) and their friends, all levels
- 3/5 playing members must be students in higher education schools


Sign ups open until 14.3!


  • 1st place: 300€ + ENCE merch package
  • 2nd place: 150€
  • 3rd place: 75€
  • MVP: Logitech G ENCE Edition XL mouse pad


We have a few challenges for all players during the group stage with our tournament partner Visma.

These challenges are active for the GROUP STAGE so the first three games.


During the tournament we will be raffling prizes for the viewers. At random times during the stream we will open the raffle and you can type !join in the chat to enter.

During Friday we raffle:

  • Logitech G ENCE Edition XL mouse pad
  • Lenovo Legion M600 wireless gaming mouse

During Saturday we raffle:

  • Lenovo Legion Gaming XL cloth mouse pad
  • Lenovo Legion M600 wireless gaming mouse


The tournament will be played during two days, Friday 19.3. and Saturday 20.3. Groups and quarter-finals will be played on Friday with a 30 minute break in-between. There will be no other breaks that day. Semi-finals and finals will be played on Saturday with a 30 minute break in-between. Third-place match and final will be played simultaneously.

Friday starts 19.3 at 17:00 (GMT +2) with groups and Saturday at 13:00 (GMT +2) with semi-finals.

Estimated schedule

  • 16:30 Team captains ready and available on discord
  • 17:00 The first round of groups starts
  • 18:15 The second round of groups starts
  • 19:30 The third round of groups starts
  • 20:45 A 15-minute break (can't guarantee this for each team if your games have gone for very long)
  • 21:00 Quarter-finals start (bo3)
  • 23:30 The day is over, sleep well and get ready for the next day!
  • 12:30 Team captains ready and available on discord
  • 13:00 The semi-finals start (bo3)
  • 16:00 A 30-min break (starts when the semi-finals have been played)
  • 16:30 The final and the third place match start
  • 19:30 The tournament is over, congratulations to the winners!


  • Groups and quarter-finals
  • Random games will be picked to be streamed throughout the whole day. Only one game will be streamed at a time so most likely six games in total.
  • Semi-finals
  • The first game of the first semi-final (upper in bracket) and the second game of the second semi-final will be streamed.
  • Possibly the third game of the semi-final of our choice will be streamed as well.
  • Third-place match
  • The third place match will not be streamed.
  • Finals
  • The finals will be streamed altogether.


We follow the official rules of the Finnish Esports Federation (Suomen elektronisen urheilun liitto – SEUL) for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the exceptions listed below. The rules can be found here.


  • 1.2 Team size: 5 actual players, one non-mandatory stand-in and a non-mandatory coach. AT LEAST 3 out of 5 players in the playing roster have to be currently studying in a university or university of applied sciences. The student statuses of the players might be checked at any time during the tournament.
  • 1.3 A team may change at maximum one (1) of its actual player for its pre-selected stand-in.
  • 1.3.2 Coaches are not allowed on the game server. A coach may speak to the players in VoIP at any time before, during and after a round.
  • 2. Game rules are determined by Challengermode (biggest changes are the following two)
  • 2.6.4 Overtime start money: $10 000.
  • 2.7.1 In Best-of-3 format, the starting sides are decided by a knife round in every map.
  • 4.3 A tactical pause may be used by both teams two times in a match, once each half. A tactical pause lasts 60 seconds. This is done with the command /pause.
  • 5.2 Challengermode map pick system. For reference see this
  • 9. No demos needed
  • Disconnecting
  • Should someone disconnect during the game, contact the admins immediately so the game can be paused. The disconnected player has 15 minutes to come back or their team will lose the match.
  • We reserve the right to apply and modify these rules as we see fit