Aalto Gamers x Accenture Game Night

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Join for a fun game night and get to know Accenture. We have Among Us, Skribblio, Jackbox and more games offered for the official program of the night, and after that you can mingle and chat with Accenture. All of the games are beginner-friendly, so you don’t need to be a hardcore player to join.

The event also includes a free Wolt dinner that you get to enjoy in the comfort of your own home! 🥡🍝 And we will be raffling 3 verkkokauppa.com gift cards with all participants!

All participants will be divided into teams with one or more Accenture participants, and the official program will be played in these teams. After that you can join any group or game you wish to. You can also join with a friend and we can match you into the same group.

There are limited spots, so act fast!

Sign-up closes on Tuesday 13.04. or when the event is full.

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NameDescriptionAdditional information
Among UsA social deduction game while playing with little figures in a map! You need to download the game on your phone or you computer.
SkribblioDraw and guess game.Join through browser.
Jackbox Easy socialising game.Join through browser.
OthersWe have all kinds of other casual games in store. Join to find out the rest!Join through browser.


The Game Night takes place in Aalto Gamers Discord, where we’ll create rooms for each game, and you will hop into the rooms easily. Kind of like in a physical event you can circle round the rooms and you can see what’s going on in each of them! If you are unfamiliar with Discord, don’t worry, it’s very easy to figure out. Here's a 4min tutorial to get you started.


  • 17:00 Event starts on AG Discord
  • 17:15 First round of games
  • 18:00 Second round of games
  • 19:00 Official program ends
  • 19:00- Free mingling and gaming on AG Discord