Aalto Gamers Spring 2022

G'day peeps👋

The AG board is here to announce our roadmap for the 2022 spring season! Our upcoming events include everything between chill game nights and competitive tournaments. Whether you want to sweat for prize money or laugh alongside friends in discord, we've got something for you🔥

Oh and also, BIWEEKLIES ARE BACK BABY🤙 Starting this week, we'll have biweekly game nights every second Friday. Be sure to join us on the AG discord server this Friday (21.1 at 6pm) to meet new people or to hang out with old friends! The leaderboard is making a return, but we'll also be hosting some special events during biweeklies. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on ✨Special Biweeklies✨

19.2 Hype winter event
Hype winter event coming in the 19th of February. More information soon.
Save the date!

25.3 CS:GO LAN party
With the success of the last few CS:GO tournaments and many requests for CS:GO related events,
we have decided to give our CS:GO community some love they deserve.

16.4 TFT Tournament
We are proud to announce that we have another chill TFT Tournament coming this April!
Schedule and info will be announced later.

14.-21.5 League of Legends Finnish Student Championships
This May, we kick the summer off with a blast. It is of course time for the League of Legends Finnish Student Championships!
Schedule and info announced later. Keep the hype going!